Mass for His Majesty King Charles III on his Coronation

The Bishops’ Conference requests that on Friday 5 May 2023 each parish celebrates Mass for His Majesty the King to mark his Coronation. At the end of Mass (after the Prayer after Communion and before the Final Blessing) the Prayer for the King is said. Parishes may also wish to sing a hymn of thanksgiving (the Te Deum or other hymn) followed by the chant Domine, salvum fac and/or the National Anthem.

At Sunday Masses on 7 May parishes may wish to include an intention for the King and the Royal Family in the Prayer of the Faithful and at the end of Mass say the Prayer for the King followed by the chant Domine, salvum fac and/or the National Anthem.

The Bishops’ Conference has also produced a Prayer Card for Coronation of King Charles III and ask that from Wednesday 3 May until Friday 5 May each Catholic in our lands pray for His Majesty and the Queen.

Calendar Notes 2024

The annual Calendar Notes are now available. They cover the liturgical year 2023-24 and highlight all the important dates and any significant changes to the calendar or to the Cycle of Prayer. At the same time draft Calendar Notes are provided for 2024-25.

Calendar Notes

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