Liturgical Calendar 2015

Some of the most visited pages on the Liturgy Office website are the monthly Calendar pages. They provide information for each day about what is celebrated. The monthly pages for the forthcoming year are usually added in August and 2015 are now available. As well as the web pages there is a downloadable calendar which can printed to A6 size and be inserted in breviaries or missals.

Earlier in the year, usually about February, the Office issues annual Calendar Notes. The notes highlight the main moveable dates for each year and what is changed. It does not give details of every day but should mean that it is possible to work out  the necessary information. (To assist this the list of Dates for Sundays is useful.) Draft Notes are also given for the following year (e.g. 2016) — as a rule there is generally not much change between the draft notes and the final version. On the Calendar Notes are also given any substantial changes — such as changes to the Cycle of Prayer or additions to the Calendar — such as the inclusion os St John Paul II in the National Calendars for England and Wales.

Summary of dates 2015

Sundays: Year B
Weekdays: Year I

1st Sunday of Advent Sunday 30 November 2014
Christmas Thursday 25 December 2014
Epiphany of the Lord Sunday 4 January 2015
Ash Wednesday Wednesday 18 February
Easter Sunday Sunday 5 April
Ascension of the Lord Sunday 17 May
Pentecost Sunday 24 May
Body and Blood of the Lord Sunday 7 June
St Peter & St Paul Sunday 28 June
The Assumption Sunday 16 August
All Saints Sunday 1 November
All Souls Monday 2 November

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